Designing Your Kitchen to fit Your Lifestyle

28th April, 2023

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Whether you barely spend time in your kitchen or you love to cook a lot, we have put together some thoughtful design ideas and inspiration to make your kitchen functional and attractive. We believe your kitchen should not only ooze food aromas but should also be a place of fun and entertaining experiences.

How we perceive our spaces matters a lot to our everyday living and every space in our homes including our kitchen should be given utmost attention. Who says you cannot take a quick nap in the corridor of your kitchen, or even enjoy some natural air while you cook some meals? This, however, can only be realized when a kitchen is built with extra space/corridor for ‘relaxing’. If your kitchen space is already in existence without a corridor and you still have some extra space outside of it, you could consider taking on some reconstruction to make the best out of your kitchen.

One proven way to keep your kitchen attractive is having a stereo system with speakers installed either on your kitchen ceiling/POP or in your kitchen cabinet. This is a great way you can make your kitchen more entertaining if you are a music lover or someone who just loves to listen to the news. You never know the fun you could have when you are cooking and listening to music at the same time until you install some speakers in your kitchen. Some people would even take it a step further by installing a TV set in their kitchen for a more visual time, this is a great idea too especially if you are a movie freak or if you have kids who you would love to join you in the kitchen while you cook. This could create some more quality family time as there will now be some other side attractions in the kitchen aside from the food.

It is also important to consider your kitchen arrangements. While you could be big on colours, some other people might have an eye for themed decors like; old-school themes, wooden-inspired themes, flower-themed kitchens and so on. It is natural to have more women being conscious about the choice of their kitchen colours, this is also a good way to express your style in the kitchen. Painting your kitchen with a colour that fits your personality type makes you even feel more at home whenever you walk into your kitchen; this is as psychologically proven by the connection between colours and human personalities. For example; a tidy and organized person would have no problem painting their kitchen white, while a not-so-tidy person might not necessarily enjoy the brightness that comes with that colour and would rather enjoy a less bright colour like brown, blue, etc.

Your kitchen arrangements should also put into consideration how and where you place all electric sockets, utensils, dishwashers, sinks, refrigerators, and so on. Making your kitchen unconventional to fit your lifestyle could also include having an AC, a washing machine and a wine bar for some quick sips if you have the space for it, and if you love to have friends and family come around the house more often than usual, then your kitchen should have enough space with some chairs to accommodate a few people for moments when you may be busy in the kitchen but still want to engage your guests.

Our final tip which we consider a top secrete for making your kitchen space look great is; having a smaller kitchen not far away from your main kitchen, this kitchen should only have emergency/backup equipment/food stuff like children’s cereals, store room, extra utensils, dummy kitchen utensils for aesthetics, and so on.

Having artistic frames depicting nature, intercontinental foods or whatever pleases your view is also a great way of upgrading your kitchen to befit your everyday lifestyle.

So, tell us in the comment section, would you be redesigning your kitchen to become more fun and create entertaining cooking experiences? Well, we think you should, you would love it!