Frequently asked questions

General Information

BuyLetLive is the place for Nigerians and the Diaspora property seekers to find information on all properties available to buy or rent.

Our progressive cutting-edge service is customized specifically to provide a virtual experience for buyers, sellers and agents within the real estate marketplace, up-to-date property information, available virtual tours, accessible 24 hours a day to anyone with internet access.

BuyLetLive is here to help property searchers find the home.

We help you implement a lead generation program, increase your brand awareness, build relationships, generate qualified leads, and ultimately close deals. Our Marketing strategies will help your company grow with tangible results and revenue growth.

For Customers

All properties listed on the site have the details of the marketing agent attached to it. To view agent information on a property you're interested in, use the “Agent information” button on the property details page to call, text or email the agent.

Our advertisers are verified property professionals such as estate agents, letting (rental) agents and new homes developers who offer properties within Nigeria for property searchers.

Yes, BuyLetLive verifies properties based on the credibility of the agent and documentation of the property. We also make an available video tour of properties and a potential buyer can visit the property location afterwards to confirm property availability.

For Real Estate Practitioners

We have carefully considered growth strategies for your business and they include; Market Strategy, Development, Product strategy and Diversification for future expansion. The growth plan has been set up to be of value to all our clients.

Follow the link to create an account on BuyLetLive: buyletlive.com/signup

Information required are as follows:

  • A valid ID. It can be a Driver's license, International passport, Voter's card, or National ID.
  • Utility bill receipt
  • A copy of your CAC (not compulsory for individuals)

We have grouped our subscription packages with different property promotional tools in such that you generate leads by gaining visibility. Click link to learn about our available promotional tools: link

Posting a Property

In less than a minute, you can make a complete property post, after creating an account.
Here are the steps:

  • In your dashboard, click on properties and select add.
  • Complete all information about property in the form displayed.
  • Upload pictures and Videos, then submit.

All properties added are verified and displayed on the site and are visible to property searchers.

Uploading property video tours helps and guide customers' decisions to buy or rent.

You don't only get a client but also an interested prospect.

On BuyLetLive, you can post as many properties as are available in the market. There are no restrictions.


BuyLetLive Management have made available 4 subscription plans with an option to customize a plan to offer agents the required amount of visibility and lead generation.
Below are the subscription plans:

  • Premium Plan: This UNIQUE package is a marketing solution that has been packaged to give you the highest visibility for your properties and to focus on your brand perception and general awareness to increase your leads generation and improve sales conversion. Only 1000 property posts are given exposure on the site.
  • Boss Plus Plan: This subscription plan on the site offers a high turnover of lead generation with high visibility. This plan is suitable for real estate agents looking to expand their brand. If you are an agent with high-end properties this is the best plan for you. Only 500 property posts are given exposure on the site.
  • Boss Plan: This is a subscription package available on the platform that gives your properties top visibility. This plan is for an active estate agent with a mix of rental and few sales properties in their portfolio. Only 100 property posts are given exposure on the site.
  • Regular Plan: This is a beginners subscription package available on the platform which allows your properties to be LIVE on the platform with an optimum lead generation daily. This plan is best for start-up agents. Only 30 property posts are given exposure on the site.

There are 4 available property promotions, and they are:

  • Refresh: This is a promotional tool that updates an old post to appear like it was posted newly. There are two types of Refresh tools;
    Auto-refresh: Auto-refresh is updated by the BLL system.
    Manual refresh. Manual refresh is controlled by the agent.
  • 2nd Class: This is a promotional tool that updates a listing that is ranked above all standard listings. It gives the property 5X more exposure on the result page and property page.
  • 1st Class: The 1st class is a promotional tool that updates a listing to rank above all 2nd class and standard listings. This gives the property 10X more exposure on the result page and property page.
  • Platinum: This platinum is a promotional tool that updates a listing above all other property promotions. It is the tool with the highest-ranked exposure. This gives a property 20X more exposure on the site. Platinum listings are shown at the top of the result page and property page.
  • Featured Property: This is a list of properties displayed on the homepage.
  • Featured Agent: This is a list of agents’ brand logos displayed on the homepage.
  • Area Specialist: This is the display of agents as property specialists to users searching within a specific location.
  • Banners: This is a large advertisement on a website that stretches across the top or down the side of the search page. It usually contains a link to the advertiser’s website.
  • Social media Promo: This is the advertisement of listings/properties on social media platforms with an attached link to the BLL site.

There are 5 available brand promotional tools and they are:

Feedback or Report

To leave feedback concerning your experience on BuyLetLive, Click on Share Feedback or email [email protected] and provide details of your experience with the agent.

To report an illegal/fraudulent activity about an agent on BuyLetLive, click on Report Agent and state your claim. BuyLetLive Admins will suspend the agent account if found fraudulent.

Other Questions

Kindly call +234 913 103 7985 or send a mail with the details to [email protected] and you will get a response within 24 hours